My art is a tragicomic vision of life.

Fascination for the unusual, the absurd, the grotesque, for the trivial and above all for the kitsch, elements abundant in today's mass culture: this is the presupposition which lies at the heart of all the work by Ivana Falconi. This primary aesthetic drive, which in some way is still pre-artistic, is translated into a sort of collecting "bulimia" that has always led her collect, amass and preserve both curious and disparate images and objects.

Her world creates a strange and curious Pop universe which, while apparently being so familiar and usual due to its being rooted in that world of advertising and consumerism that constitutes the horizon of our existence, projects us almost without our being aware of it into an ironic, fairy tale and surreal dimension in which the innocuous insignificance of kitsch is upended, at times in a disturbing way, in a precise and razor-sharp criticism of the models which dominate our times: from politics to religion, from the role of the woman to consumerism.

Elio Schenini, Museo Cantonale d'Arte, Lugano, Switzerland, 2011